Patrizio Paoletti Foundation at the FENS2022

The most recent developments in neuroscience have led us to discover new aspects of the mind-body relationship. We are discovering how this relationship is multifaceted and our experience of ourselves can have different dimensions.


The Research Institute for Neuroscience, Education and Didactics (RINED) of the Patrizio Paoletti Foundation is presenting a poster called “Tackling the Electro-Topography of the Selves Through the Sphere Model of Consciousness” at the Federation of European Neuroscience Societies (FENS) Forum 2022.


The FENS Forum 2022, which is held in Paris from the 8 to the 13 of July and is the biggest european neuroscience event with more than 8000 participants from all over the world.

In particular, this poster presentation will show how a gradual shift from faster to slower frequency bands appears to mirror the gradual descending towards deeper states of Self, highlighting a relation between phenomenological experiences and electrophysiological activity in the brain.