RINED for the International Day of Neutrality

In these days of widespread tension mingling with the feelings of joy and hopes celebrated during the festive season, neutrality is a value to be cultivated on a daily basis, not as a separation, but as a proactive and solution-oriented involvement.


Today, 12 December, on the occasion of the International Day of Neutrality called by the United Nations, RINED, a research institute of the Paoletti Foundation, organised a scientific disclosure event titled: ‘Neutrality from Philosophy to Neurobiology through Self-Education’.


RINED (Research Institute for Neuroscience Education and Didactics) and its collaborators shared their recent findings on neuroplasticity, training and the attainment of inner peace as a neurophysiological state of being. Ongoing investigations into the mechanisms that enable change in our brains were presented, in order to experience neutrality not as disinterestedness, but on the contrary as an active state of involvement oriented towards shared improvement.


Eight interventions took place during the event:

PATRIZIO PAOLETTI – The 5 OMM keys to living happily in the light of the Spherical Model of Consciousness
TAL DOTAN BEN SOUSSAN – RINED: past, present and future
FILIPPO CARDUCCI – The Quadrato Motor Training (QMT)
CLAUDIO BABILONI – The effects of QMT on Alzheimer’s
SABRINA VENDITTI – Genomic stability and QMT
CARLO QUATTROCCHI – Neuroanatomical effects of QMT
MICHELE PELLEGRINO – The importance of neurophenomenology and the OVO
ANDREA PINTIMALLI – Scientific outreach for Peace and awareness practices for young Europeans – the Edu-Kits and the Erasmus+ MP4s project
FABIO MARSON – The importance of listening to the story our body tells