Patrizio Paoletti Foundation at the 5th International Conference on Time Perspective (ICTP)

The Research Institute for Neuroscience, Education, and Didactics (RINED) of the Patrizio Paoletti Foundation partecipated in the 5th International Conference on Time Perspective (ICTP)!


The RINED hosted a symposium called “Time in Motion: behavioral, electrophysiological and molecular effects of movement meditation” in which we explored the relationship between time production, movement and coordination. In addition, the neural, molecolar and phenomenological correlates underlying time production and the effects of different movement meditations techniques were addressed in relation to healthy participants and learning disabilities. All of the presented results were discussed in light of different theories of consciousness and embodied cognition, and especially in the framework of the Sphere Model of Consciousness (SMC).


In the end a workshop was held enabling the participants to experience some of the motor techniques examined in the symposium.