Patrizio Paoletti Foundation at the 8th Israeli Conference on Cognition Research


With our Research Institute (RINED) we are currently participating in the 8th Conference on Cognitive Research of the Israel Society for Cognitive Psychology with a study on interoception and empathy.

This is the presentation of the first results of an international study carried out by the Foundation in collaboration with La Sapienza University and Bar Ilan University on the processing of abstract, concrete concepts, interoception and empathy. A multilingual study in Italian, English and Hebrew carried out online to deepen our understanding of how concepts are embodied in our everyday bodily experience.


This research can make a significant contribution to our understanding of how human beings use knowledge in their lives and the role that the embodiment of that knowledge has in social interactions. In this time of great complexity, our knowledge of how relationships between human beings work is more important than ever to foreshadow future scenarios.

At the Conference on Cognitive Research we will present a poster with preliminary results.


The online research continues. If you wish to participate click here!