The Power of Silence

RINED and the Power of Silence

In an increasingly noisy world, neuroscientists are discovering exactly what kind of silence has the most dramatic impact on your mental health – from flotation tanks to guided meditation – and how much you really need” from The Power of Quiet: The mental and physical health benefits of silence


Kayt Sukel renowned author of many books about neuroscience, traveling and other different topics, has interviewed some neuroscientists about the importance of silence for her aforementioned article published on the NewScientist, a very important divulgative blog about science.

The director of the RINED Tal Dotan Ben-Soussan was among them and she spoke about the importance of silence for our inner Self:

When we find ways to be quiet, we are not only quiet in our environment, but quiet in our inner selves. This allows us to be more aware of what is happening around us and what the situation may require from us so we can provide [a more] adequate response.


To discover more about the benefits of silence and perceptual deprivation check the full original article here!