Patrizio Paoletti Foundation at the 20th World Congress of Psychophysiology - IOP 2021

The Research Institute for Neuroscience, Education, and Didactics (RINED) of the Patrizio Paoletti Foundation is going to partecipate in the 20th World Congress of Psychophysiology – IOP 2021 with a symposium titled: “Movement and Emotion in Developmental Disorders: A Spherical Psychophysiological Perspective”. Speakers at the symposium will be Patrizio Paoletti, who will discuss “New Perspectives on the Self and Developmental Disorders: The Sphere Model of Consciousness” and Tal Dotan Ben-Soussan, director of RINED, with “Timing emotion: developmental disorders in view of the Sphere Model of Consciousness“.


They will be joined by Prof. Giuseppe Chiarenza, an expert in child neuropsychiatry, with a talk on “Ballistic motor task and connectivity in dyslexics“; Dr. Keren Avirame with “The psychophysiology of the connection between developmental disorders and trauma“; Dr. Lia Teloni with “The non-specificity of specific learning disorders: An interdisciplinary perspective on children’s neurocognitive development“. In addition, Tal Dotan Ben-Soussan will take part in Prof. Chiarenza‘s symposium “Developmental Dyslexia: Theory and Practice“, with a talk titled: “Oscillatory effects of Quadrato Motor Training: implications for dyslexia”.


The conference will cover topics ranging from comparative neuroscience in psychopathological conditions to Deep Brain Stimulation and recent developments in brain measurement techniques.