LogicaMente 2019

LogicaMente. A double event by Patrizio Paoletti Foundation for UNESCO’s World Logic Day

To celebrate the World Logic Day, the Patrizio Paoletti Foundation organised a symposium entitled ‘LogicaMente’, kicking off with talks by President Patrizio Paoletti and Prof. Moshe Bar, neuroscientist and director of the Gonda Brain Research Center at Bar-Ilan University in Israel. Logic and the importance of training to improve brain function and moral decision-making were the focus of Patrizio Paoletti’s talk, while Prof. Moshe Bar spoke about the meaning of ‘what is real’ and the interpretations of a proactive brain, showing that we rarely perceive our surroundings objectively. Both of them brought to light the importance of meditation for the improvement of self-awareness.Patrizio Paoletti opened the initiative #LogicaMente by reflecting on the logic on which not only our cognitive abilities are based, but especially our communication and moral abilities. What lies at the heart of our individual and collective well-being? The importance of ‘seeking ourselves’ in the ‘room of silence’, a place free of judgement, prejudice and influence, to become more aware of ourselves and our surroundings. Moshe Bar reaffirmed the concept with a quote from Blaise Pascal: ‘All the problems of mankind stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room by himself‘.

The second event in LogicaMente has been a symposium held at La Sapienza University in Rome, a dialogue between neuroscience, psychology and biology to understand the mechanisms underlying human logic and discover the secrets of this extraordinary capacity of our brain. Speakers included Prof. Moshe Abeles, neuroscientist at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Bar Ilan University, Tal Ben-Soussan, director of the Research Institute of the Patrizio Paoletti Foundation and Sabrina Venditti of the Charles Darwin Department of Biology and Biotechnology at La Sapienza University of Rome.